About Me

I'm Emily, the creator, cook, photographer, and most importantly, taste-tester behind Will Cook For Food.  I come from a line of wonderful self-taught cooks, and learned a love for preparing and eating good food while I was still a child.

If you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you at age ten that I wanted to be an author.  At age thirteen, I would have said photographer.  I always thought owning a restaurant would be fun.  While I did not become any of these professionally, they are all still hobbies that I enjoy.  When I discovered the world of food blogs, I was so excited.  I could combine three of my hobbies and use them to share experiences and recipes with the world (ok, so it's just my friends!).

So here it is, Will Cook for Food.  Join me on my quest to find the best recipes for everything from pancakes to curry!

A little about me personally...

I have been married to Caleb for seven years.  He is thoughtful, kind, and loves all food besides bananas.  He also loves to work in the kitchen, including washing the dishes.  I know, I'm pretty blessed!

We have two beautiful little girls, Adelyn and Paige, and a sweet little man, Andrew.  They are hilarious and bring us so much joy.

I stay home with my girls and we cook and bake away in the winter and play outside, swim and go for walks in the summer.  I am so thankful for all God has blessed me with!